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I am a dedicated AI and Robotics researcher currently contributing to groundbreaking developments at Dyson, Hullavington in the United Kingdom.

As a Robotics Researcher with over a decade of experience in autonomous systems and robotic manipulation, I have consistently pioneered innovative solutions in these fields. My expertise spans a broad spectrum, including deep learning, large language models, imitation learning, vision-language fusion, vision-language action, and planning. My overarching goal is to continually push the boundaries of intelligent systems and address diverse challenges in autonomous robotics.

Furthermore, my research extends to developing planning algorithms in the presence of uncertain information and human-robot interactions. Whether dealing with uncertainty in the initial state of the robot world or the outcome of manipulation actions, my methodologies provide robust solutions. These cutting-edge approaches have undergone rigorous testing, both in simulation environments and through practical applications in real-world scenarios, utilizing robots such as YuMi, TIAGo-PAL, and KUKA-LWR.

My research interests include:

- Robot Manipulation

- Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models in Robotics 

- Cognitive Robotics

- Learning Techniques for Human-Robot Interactions

- Planning under Uncertainty 

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